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Main components:
1.Framework: high-strength aluminum alloy, internal PU foam filling;
2.Plate: Outside 0.5mm galvanized steel,
inside 1.0mm galvanized steel;
4.Plate cooler: copper tubes and aluminum sheets;
5.Water retaining board: SS304 stainless steel;
6.Water supply board: SS304 stainless steel;
7.Primary filter (easy to take apart and wash): efficiency ≥ 90%  at 5μm ;
8.Medium efficiency filter (easy to take apart and wash): 2μm particles of the filtration efficiency ≥ 90%;
9.Manometer: installed before and after the Primary filter and Medium efficiency filter;
10.Electric heating: stainless steel;
11.Damper: aluminum profiles with precision regulating device.


Dual Section AHU with Dehumidifier

Product details


  1. Section A: Pre-Cooling Part
    2. Section B: Post-Cooling Part
    3. Dehumidifier Section: Separate Dehumidifier


Two Sections of AHU and Separate Dehumidifier can be easily place at site, three parts can be place easily at 90 degree or even at any angle to save site space. These three parts will be connected at site by Insulated Ducting. It is new design and also popular for customers.