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Air shower

Air showers are installed before the entry of a controlled environment to avoid contamination through personnel entry. Air Showers employ concentrated airflows to lift off contamination such as lint, dirt, dust etc., while an individual walks through a specially constructed chamber.
The high velocity air from jet nozzles ensures efficient scrubbing action necessary to remove particulate matter.
Contaminated air then flows through sidewalls of the air shower and flows through pre filters and final HEPA filters.


Type    : Horizontal Air Flow (Single/Double side air flow)
Construction   : Mild Steel Plate C/W Oven Baked Epoxy Powder Coated Finished
External Size  : W1200mm X D1000mm X H2050mm
Base    : 45mm thickness SS 304 plate
Nozzles     : Sufficient no. of nozzles for proper Air Showering
Main Filter   : HEPA filter, 2’X2’ rated at 99.99% @ 0.3μm
Pre-filter    : filter with efficiency 95% @ 5μm
Door System  : PLC Control C/W electromagnetic interlocking system. Entry and exit doors are opened and closed at the set time. Lock will automatically release in case of power failure.
Blower    : Centrifugal Blower
Power    : 220V, single phase, 50Hz
Air flow velocity  : 25m/s to 30m/s
Indicator Lights  : As a mark of indication for closing and opening the door.
Air flow    : As required
Color    : Off White